Solution Capabilities

TrewIDM capabilities

Multiple Source Of Truth systems including HRMS, LDAP, Flat files, Database etc..

Map HR Events including New Hire, Re-Hire, Going On Leave, Returning from Leave, Terminations to various events in target applications

Initial and ongoing reconciliations

Creation and Deletion/ Disabling of users

Lock/Un-lock of users

Grant/ revoke fine grained access

Self service for new application/ additional access

Self service for Password reset

Ability by Manager for Contractor’s work extension

Provisioning / De-Provisioning

Many Enterprise and SaaS based connectors are readily available

TrewIDM Connector pack supplies a rich set of Developer API’s

Each connector depending on the target application supports both Single Sign On and user Provisioning/de-provisioning, fine grained entitlement management

A lighter version of standalone Connector Pack is available which can be used by other Identity Management products for provisioning/de-provisioning and Single Sign On to target applications


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